Arvind Industrial training Centre (AITI) Hanumangarh

Arvind Industrial training Centre, ,Hanumangarh, Rajasthan, India

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The proposed ITC under name of Arvind ITC . Which is running under Rukmini Kumari . The founder of the indititution has contributed a lot in the field of education. Our working concept has been based on experiments as well as modern researches. It has been decided to start this institution on the land of Bhabua, Arvind ITC Arvind ITC Industrial Training Institute is located in Hanuman Nagal, distt. Bhabua. As the industries need highly skilled workforce to produce hightech products, the basic skills of workforce need to be continuously upgraded to develop & adopt new tecnologiesThe vision of ARVIND INDUSTRIAL TRAINING CENTER is to be the leading centre of learning and innovation in emerging areas of business and management education. For every course the college imparts practical training to its students that helps them to understand better, improve their demonstrative skills, eliminate hesitation and in this process strives to mould them into industry ready professionals. Mission of ARVIND INDUSTRIAL TRAINING CENTER is 'to foster critical analysis by training students both in theory and practice so as to equip them with skills needed for facing global challenges with team work and human values. And to build quality network with the Industry, educationists and the society for exchanging knowledge'. The modern teaching methodology assists the students in getting an all around view of engineering, technology and the entrepreneur world. The diligent faculty team of the college possesses hands-on experience and up to date knowledge of their subject and area of expertise. The infrastructure and facilities of ARVIND INDUSTRIAL TRAINING CENTER consists of spread-out campus alongside various amenities in the form of library, computer center, classrooms with proper teaching and learning aids, medical facilities etc. The institute seeks to place each of its students in an organization/company of great repute.



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Arvind Industrial training Centre, , Hanumangarh, Rajasthan, India
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