Shree Karni Private Industrial Training Institute (SKPITI) Nagaur

Nagour Road,Degana,,Nagaur, Rajasthan, India

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It is established for Technical development for unemployed person to train and able to the purposed of employ or self-employ Shree Karni Pvt ITI. It is affiliated from National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) of Directorate General of employment and Training Development under the Govt. of India/New Delhi. The Society has been working in all types of Social, Cultural, and educational trading fields. The working committee adopts a Resolution to establish an autonomous institute to fulfil. It has become essential to large demand of skilled person in the rapidly growing industries in India and abroad. This institute keeps a special due to well-placed arranged workshop with all machineries and equipment’s qualified and Experienced Instructor, Staff and according to the standard of NCVT, Hence the primary object of the designed training is to make people fit for job as Skill working in the surrounding industries. The object is also to develop capability for entrepreneur among the local people by making them cottage industries and fit for self. The vision of Shree Karni PVT Industrial Training Institute is to be the leading centre of learning and innovation in emerging areas of business and management education. For every course the college imparts practical training to its students that helps them to understand better, improve their demonstrative skills, eliminate hesitation and in this process strives to mould them into industry ready professionals. Mission of Shree Karni PVT Industrial Training Institute is 'to foster critical analysis by training students both in theory and practice so as to equip them with skills needed for facing global challenges with team work and human values.


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Nagour Road,Degana,, Nagaur, Rajasthan, India
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