M.Tech. Optical & Wireless Communication Technologies (OWCT) or  Master of Technology in Optical & Wireless Communication Technologies (OWCT)  is a two-year postgraduate programme. This is an intensive course that aims to produce top quality engineers in the areas of Optical and Wireless communication engineering. It provides exposure to cutting-edge technology in this area through an interdisciplinary program of the Physics and Electronics & Communication groups. The course has been framed with an emphasis on fundamentals of materials/devices and applications built through application-specific courses. The programme encompasses the complete system design from device fabrication and properties through to architectural and functional aspects of the subsystems that are required to design and build complete communication systems.

M.Tech. Optical & Wireless Communication Technologies Eligibility :-

• B.E./B.Tech. or any other equivalent qualification with minimum 50% marks.

• Some of the very reputed universities and institutes conduct entrance examination for admission.

How is M.Tech. Optical & Wireless Communication Technologies Beneficial?

• The programme gives a solid grounding for a career in wireless communication, either in industry or in academia. 

• On completion of the programme, students have necessary skills for both research and development. It is also a perfect start for further studies as a Ph.D. student in the area.


B.E./B.Tech. or any other equivalent qualification with minimum 50% marks.
  • M.Tech. Optical & Wireless Communication Technologies Syllabus :-

    Syllabus of Optical & Wireless Communication Technologies as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

     Sem. l
           Sr. No.                            Subjects of Study
              1                   Wireless Communication Network
              2                    Information Theory and Coding
              3                    Analog and Digital VLSI Design
              4            Wireless Communication System Design
              5                   Data Encryption and Security
              6              Wireless Communication Management
              7     Telecommunications Network Planning and Management
              8          Spread Spectrum Communication Technique
              9                Network Architecture and Design
             10              Data Communication and Networking
             11           Wireless Communication System Design Lab
             12                  Seminar on Pre-thesis work 1


      Sem. ll
         1                    MIMO Wireless Communication Systems
         2                     Ultra-wideband communication system
         3                       VLSI for Wireless Communication
         4          Next Generation Wireless Communication Network
         5                             Network Optimization
         6                    Satellite Communication System
         7               daptive Techniques in Signal Processing
         8         Embedded S/W Design for Communication Network
         9                      ireless Optical Communication
        10                          Mobile Computing (RP)
        11               High-Speed Telecom Switching Architecture
        12                       Wireless Sensor Network
        13               MIMO Wireless Communication Lab
        14                    Seminar on Pre-thesis work 2
        15                        Comprehensive Viva-Voce


      Sem. lll
           1                              Open Elective (anyone)
           2                                Project Management
           3                                   Project Costing
           4                           Technology Management
           5                            Research Methodology
           6                           Optimization Techniques
           7                          Computational Intelligence
           8                                        Thesis I


      Sem. lV
           1                                   Thesis II
           2                                   Seminar
           3                  Comprehensive Viva-Voce II


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