B.A. Hons. Education or Bachelor of Arts Honours in Education is an undergraduate Education course. Education in the general sense is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character, or physical ability of an individual. In its technical sense, education is the process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills, and values from one generation to another. B.A. is generally three years degree course and it may be provided on part time basis by certain institutes as well. The syllabus is divided into three years with eight papers.\

B.A. Hons. Education Eligibility

  • The candidates should complete their 10+2 or its equivalent exam in Arts stream from a recognised school board in the country.
  • Entrance exam plus interview and percentage of 12th class for the admission of students.

B.A. Hons. Education Course Suitability

  • Students those who interested in Education and its related areas, etc. are most suitable for this course. 
  • Those who are willing to go for teaching fields at higher degree level i.e. college and university level both in private and government institutions. 
  • They should have good communication and interpersonal skills which are necessary for it. 
  • They should also be hard worker, patient and up to date with knowledge in their field of career.

How is B.A. Hons. Education Course Beneficial? 

  • One can go for higher degree programs in respective subjects such as Masters’ degree and then for research work. 
  • They should work independently; develop time management skills, for example, when meeting essay deadlines; plan and research written work; articulate knowledge and understanding of texts, concepts and theories. 
  • They should be of the mind to lead and participate in discussions and have confidence in your own opinions; work with others when presenting ideas and information.


The candidates should complete their 10+2 or its equivalent exam in Arts stream from a recognised school board in the country.
  • B.A. Hons. Education Syllabus

    Syllabus of Hons. Education as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

       Part I

    Sr. No.

    Subjects of Study


    Philosophical Foundations of Education


    Psychological Foundations of Education

       Part II


    History of Education in India


    Education in Ancient and Medieval India


    Education in British India


    Development of Education in Independent India

       Part III


    Sociological Foundation and Educational Administration


    Sociological Foundation of Education


    Educational Administration and School Organization


    Psychology of adjustment and Educational guidance and Counselling


    Psychology of Adjustment


    Educational Guidance and Counselling Organization


    Evaluation in Education


    Educational Technology and Curriculum Studies


    Educational Technology


    Curriculum Studies

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