B.V.A. or Bachelor of Visual Arts is an undergraduate Fine Arts programme. The Bachelor of Visual Arts is a three-year full-time degree in which students major in any one of the disciplines offered by the School's Workshops. Bachelor of Arts (BVA) in Visual Arts offer unique opportunities to investigate an array of courses in art history, animation, interactive forms, film, graphic design, photography, video, print media and foundation. The course is available in six disciplinary majors. You may choose to major in Painting, Photomedia, Screen Arts, Sculpture (including ceramics and glass), Printmedia or Jewellery and Object. You may also complete a second major in Critical Studies. Each major is underpinned by the teaching of rigorous theory and critical skills.

Bachelor of Visual Arts Eligibility

  • 10+2 pass or its equivalent exam from a recognised school board.

Bachelor of Visual Arts Course Suitability

The Course is suitable to prepare the next generation of contemporary artists and creative thinkers for professional practice. This idea led, practical programme will enable you to explore your ideas through a range of media including painting, sculpture, fine and digital print, installation, performance, fibre/textile, film and video, animation, installation, performance, community engagement and social practice, sound art, book works or any hybrid practices forged by you personally.

How is Bachelor of Visual Arts Course Beneficial?

The Course is beneficial to equip you with the conceptual and technical skills required to work as a contemporary artist, or to establish an art, media or design practice. They will also be well-qualified to work in a wide range of other culture-related fields, including art education and administration, curation, website and interactive design, and publishing. Candidates will be readily equipped with skills appropriate to the expanding arts industries in fields including illustration, design, video, advertising, film production, education and community activity. The course will also equip you to pursue an independent studio career working towards exhibitions in commercial galleries and publicly run arts spaces.


10+2 pass or its equivalent exam from a recognised school board.
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts Syllabus

    Syllabus of Visual Arts as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

       Sem. I

    Subjects of Study

    Drawing from Nature/Object

    Print – Making

    Fundamentals of Arts with 2-d Design Theory/Practical

    Indian Culture and Arts (Pre-Historic to 7th Century)

    C.C. English

    Regional Language: C.C. Marathi /Hindi

       Sem. II

    Drawing from Human Fig./Antic

    3 D Design

    Fundamentals of Arts with 2D Design (Advance) Theory/Practical

    Indian Culture and Arts (9th Century to 13th Century)

    C.C. English

    Regional Language: C.C. Marathi / Hindi

       Sem. III

    Still Life (Rendering)

    Head Study (Rendering)

    Print-Making II

    Indian Culture and Arts (14th Century to 18th Century)

    Fundamentals of Computer

    C.C. English

       Sem. IV

    Still Life (Painting)

    Head Study (Painting)

    Pictorial Composition

    Indian Culture and Arts (19th Century to Contemporary)

    History of Western Art (Pre-Historic to 8th Century)

    C.C. English

       Sem. V

    Drawing from Life (Rendering Full figure on ½ imp. Paper)

    Composition (Basic)

    Mural Design I

    Western Aesthetics

    History of Western Art (09th Century to 13th Century)

    Computer (advance)

    C.C. English

    Sem. VI

    Painting from Life (full figure)

    Composition (Advance)

    Mural Design II

    Indian Aesthetics

    History of Western Art (14th Century to 18th Century)

    C.C. English

    Sem. VII

    Portrait Painting

    Creative Painting Part I

    Mural Design III

    History of Western Art (14th Century to 18th Century)

       Sem. VIII

    Portrait (3/4 Size)

    Creative Painting Part II

    Mural Design IV



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