B.Des. Fashion Design or Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design is an undergraduate Fashion and Interior Design course. Fashion Design is the study of creating original designs in garments, footwear, jewelleries, luggage, etc. and a study of the ever-changing trends in the fashion industry and market. In other words, B.Des. (Fashion Design) is the study of creating original designs which involve converting artistic talent and creativity in creating products like clothing, textiles, jewellery, footwear and other accessories. B.Des. (Fashion Design) degree course also includes a detailed study of the market trends and the related fashion. The duration of the course is four years and it is career orienting in nature that offers many jobs after its completion.

B.Des. Fashion Design Eligibility

  • The basic eligibility criterion for pursuing B.Des. (Fashion Design) the degree is qualifying 10+2 or equivalent examination in any stream from a recognized board in India.

B.Des. Fashion Design Course Suitability

  • Candidate should be an expert in drawing things which reflects what's within your thoughts and mind for telling people.
  • They should be a creative and keen observer, should keep themselves aware of what is the latest and should know how to communicate with people.
  • The course is suitable for those who are willing to become teacher and lecturer in schools and colleges.

How is B.Des. Fashion Design Course Beneficial?

  • Degree holders are readily accepted in Garments, Leather, Textiles, and other fashion-related industries.
  • Fashion Design degree makes one eligible and competent enough to open their own fashion house to exhibit their fashion skills.
  • Course besides satisfying the creative fancies and the materialistic needs of the people, also promises glamour, fame, success and high pay packages to its students.
  • They can also go for further degrees like master’s and then for research degrees.


The basic eligibility criterion for pursuing B.Des. (Fashion Design) the degree is qualifying 10+2 or equivalent examination in any stream from a recognized board in India.
  • B.Des. Fashion Design Syllabus

    Syllabus of Fashion Design as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

    Sr. No.

    Subjects of Study


    Apparel Construction Methods


    Colour Mixing


    Computer-Aided Design


    Elements of Textiles


    Fabric Dyeing and Printing


    Fashion Illustration and Design


    Fashion Studies


    History of Costumes


    Introduction to Pattern Making and Garment Construction


    Leather Designing


    Manufacturing Technology


    Surface Development Techniques


    Textile Science

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