B. Optom. or Bachelor of Optometry is an undergraduate Optometry programme. Optometry is a study of human eyes and matters related to its nature and eyesight problems. The program aims at imparting skills and knowledge in the correction of refractive conditions of the eye and prescription of glasses, in designing and fitting contact lenses, aniseikonic lenses and low vision aids, in the diagnosis and orthoptic treatment of oculomotor malfunctions, in public health optometry–education on ocular hygiene and related nutritional and environmental counselling and in the visual rehabilitation and follow-up of low vision patients. The duration of the course is four years and it is career orienting in nature that opens many options after it successful completion.

Bachelor of Optometry Eligibility

  • Higher Secondary Examination (10+2 course) or its equivalent with minimum 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology OR Mathematics and English.
  • The candidate should be over 17 yr. of age as on 31st Dec. of the year of the admission.

Bachelor of Optometry Course Suitability

An optometrist includes the recognition of ocular and visual signs of eye diseases, the understanding of the wide range of problems afflicting the eye and also the reference of patients to appropriate specialists. Students graduating from this course have career opportunities in eye care centres and optometry based production units. They may also choose to pursue higher studies leading to a Masters qualification with the potential for high profile career opportunities in consulting.

How is Bachelor of Optometry Course Beneficial?

It is beneficial for those who have a sound foundation in the physical, chemical, mathematical and biological sciences, and in particular have a good knowledge and understanding of human biology, understand the passage of light through lenses and optical systems (including the eye) and be able to predict and measure the nature and quality of optical images. Bachelor of Optometry gives a thorough knowledge and understanding of the performance and function of the human visual system. The course teaches them to know about the dysfunctions and diseases of the eye and visual system and know their genesis, natural course, treatment and prognosis.


Higher Secondary Examination (10+2 course) or its equivalent with minimum 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology OR Mathematics and English.
  • Bachelor of Optometry Syllabus

    Syllabus of Optometry as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

    Year I

    Subjects of Study

    Human Biology

    Basic  Biochemistry

    Physical Optics and Practical of Lighting Geometrical Optics &Dispensing Optics l

    Eye Anatomy & Physiology

    Basic Ocular Pharmacology, Pathology & Microbiology

    Ophthalmic Optics

    Computer Fundamentals

    Year II

    Visual Optics

    Dispensing Optics II

    Ophthalmic Instruments

    Ocular Disease 

    Optics & Refraction 

    Optometric Optics LVA

    Optometry Investigation

    Hospital Procedures & Psychology

    Year III

    Contact Lens I

    Binocular Vision Ocular Motility

    Systemic Disease and Eye

    Major Eye Disease

    Nutrition & Eye

    Public Health & Community

    Contact Lenses II

    Advanced Orthotics

    Applied and Clinical Optometry

    Basic accountancy, Public Relation and Law


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