M.D. General Medicine or Doctor of Medicine in General Medicine is a postgraduate Medicine Course. General Medicine is the medical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. Individuals while pursuing this course acquire in-depth knowledge about the field of medical science through experimentation, observation, theoretical knowledge and practical exposure. The duration of the course two years and it may be three years as per their rules and regulations.

M.D. General Medicine Eligibility

  • They should have an M.B.B.S. pass degree from recognized university.

M.D. General Medicine Course Suitability

  • They should be able to diagnose and treat common medical illnesses and have a sufficient knowledge of rare diseases, advances and technologies in medicine.
  • He should be able to manage medical emergencies and carry out research and undergraduate medical teaching.
  • They should have an appropriate knowledge regarding treatment and early disposal, prompt diagnosis and management of emergencies, update knowledge, teach and guide undergraduate (M.B.B.S.) students.
  • They should be able to carry out research and publication.

How is M.D. General Medicine Course Beneficial?

  • Aspirants who are willing to take up this profession must have proper information in this field. They can seek employment in government and private hospitals. 
  • They have also scopes in medical colleges and research institutes as researchers. 
  • They can also work in nursing homes or do private practice in healthcare centres or in clinics.  Private practitioners in this field can earn good remuneration. 


They should have an M.B.B.S. pass degree from recognized university.
  • M.D. General Medicine Syllabus

    Syllabus of General Medicine as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

    Sr. No.

    Subjects of Study




    a. Applied basic science knowledge
    b. Diseases with reference to General Medicine
    c. Recent advances
    d. Biostatistics and clinical epidemiology




    a. Decision-making
    b. Diagnostic investigation and procedures
    c. Monitoring seriously ill patients
    d. Counselling patients and relatives
    e. Ability to teach undergraduate students
    f. Ability to carry out research


    Teaching & Learning Activities


    a. Ward/OPD patient management
    b. Long and short topic presentations
    c. Ward rounds, case presentations and discussions
    d. Clinico-radiological and clinico-pathological conferences
    e. Journal conferences
    f. PG Case presentation clinics
    g. Research review
    h. In-house and guest lectures
    i. Conferences, symposia, seminars and CMEs
    j. Participations in workshops, updates, conferences
    k. Teaching undergraduate
    l. Use and maintenance of biomedical equipments

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