M.Tech. Water Resources Engineering or Master of Technology in Water Resources Engineering is a postgraduate Water Resource Engineering course. The Water Science and Engineering Masters Program focuses on the management and development of water resources and water flows and quality in the natural environment, while addressing the multidisciplinary character of human activities dealing with water. Water resources engineers are concerned with the problems associated with the use and control of water. Water resources engineering is the profession that is responsible for the planning, development and management of water resources. From estimating the amount of water available to designing the physical and non-physical infrastructure needed to meet the water needs of society and the environment, civil engineers play a central role within a multi-disciplinary team. To ensure access to clean safe drinking water, civil engineers design, build and manage the water intakes, the water treatment plants and the network of pipes that convey water to your tap.

M.Tech. Water Resources Engineering Eligibility :-

• B.E./B.Tech. with at least 50% marks or Equivalent CGPA

• Some of the reputed institutes conduct entrance examination for admission to Degree course.

How is M.Tech. Water Resources Engineering Course Beneficial?

• It provides the education to sustain economic development by better flood and drought protection and hazard reduction, in an era of global climate change, Improve environmental and public health through pollution prevention     and treatment.

• They can help in sustaining and improving water supply, power generation and agriculture through integrated water resources development and improve food production by developing, operating, maintaining and optimizing           water related infrastructure.

• Water Resources engineers are also involved in many of the areas of Coastal Engineering such as wave analysis, coastal sediment transport and maritime hydraulics structures.

• Government agencies, drinking water companies, and other companies play a decisive role in the management of present and future aquifers and river basins.

• They find employment with private companies, such as consultancy agencies and industrial firms and in non-governmental organizations.



B.E./B.Tech. with at least 50% marks or Equivalent CGPA
  • M.Tech. Water Resources Engineering Syllabus :-

      Sem. l
        Sr. No.                                 Subjects of Study
            1                           Advanced Fluid Mechanics
            2                            Open Channel Hydraulics
            3                              Engineering Hydrology
            4                               Special Assignment
            5                                     Seminar I
      Sem. ll
            1                      Water Resources Planning & Systems Engineering
            2                      Design of Hydraulic Structures
            3                       Ground Water Engineering
     Sem. lll
            1                   Advanced Irrigation Engineering and Drainage
            2                Modelling Analysis and Simulation
            3                   Watershed Management
            4                   Special Lab. Assignment
            5                  Special Lab. Assignment
      Sem. lV
            1                                            Dissertation
                               List of Electives
            1                      Embankment Dams
            2                Hydro Power Engineering
            3       River Engineering and Sediment Transport
            4       Computational Methods in Fluid Mechanics
            5                       Wind Engineering
            6   Environmental Impact Assessment of Civil Engineering Projects
            7   Remote Sensing for Water Resources Systems
            8       Probabilistic Methods in Civil Engineering
            9        Structural Design of Canal Structures
           10          Environmental Impact Assessment


Malviya National Institute Of Technology

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Malviya National Institute Of Technology is situated in Jaipur in Rajasthan state of India.


Jaipur National University, Jaipur

Jaipur, Rajasthan

The University received mandatory approvals and recognitions for its programmes from the National Regulatory Bodies, namely, UGC, AICTE, NAAC, PCI, NCTE, BCI and Nursing Council of India. The School of Distance Education and Learning of the University has also been recognised and approved by the Joint Committee of the UGC-AICTE-DEC..

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