Everyone says that the college days are the best days of life. It's true because you get all the freedom to explore the new things as well experiment various unknown activities. But, at the same time, college time is the most important phase of the life because it decides your career. If you clear the college with good results, so many doors open for you but if you can't pass the college appropriately, you have to struggle a lot to make your carrier stable.

However, in India, the scenario is really funny. The student who enters the college, they feel like a grown-up guy but the parents still treat them as kids. The parents make many rules as well as the restriction because they want to make their child's carrier better. But, sometimes more care leads to the bad result. Here in India, a student first becomes the engineer and then decide what career he/she want to choose. It's the fact. College students face so many problems in India, mentally as well as physically.

The pre-decided career path is one of the worst situations from many students pass through. At the time of the born, parents decide that their child will become an engineer or doctor without knowing the capabilities. Not only the parents, but all the relatives and neighbors take part in the decision that what career you should choose. So from your schooling phase, they prepare you to become a doctor, engineer, etc. No one even bothers what you want to do in your life and what are your dreams.

Sometimes you can't handle these much stress and it reflects in the study. Because of much pressure, if you can't perform well in 12th, it's very hard to find a good college for the further study. This is the responsibility of the parents to ask their child in which field he/she want to make the career. If a student will follow his passion, he can bring the good results for sure. So choose the course in which you are interested, not your parents. But, you have to be sure that you can make a good career in that field.

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